Learning environment

Baby Nest

The very youngest children have a dedicated space in which they are cared for, allowing them to feel secure and develop their very own sense of belonging. 

The nest offers a safe area that’s spacious for non-mobile babies, allowing them to practice their motor skills whilst remaining contained for their protection.

We have selected resources especially for our youngest children such as treasure baskets, heuristic play, lights and mirrors, offering a sensory experience enhanced by baby massage and baby yoga. 

The sleep room linked to the baby nest is a quiet space where children can choose to curl up in one of the specially designed nests or sail away to the land of dreams in their very own coracle.


The Piazza is a central meeting point in the nursery and represents a space in which children come together to share their ideas and thoughts.

In the Piazza, the children’s pictures and projects decorate the walls, and we share learning through photographs and videos to promote discussion and debate.  Laptops and iPads allow children to capture their work and extend their learning as they research the world around them.

A large number of maple blocks encourage children’s curiosity. These blocks enable them to design, represent, recreate and construct, developing fundamental skills for future learning such as involvement, motivation, and perseverance.

The Piazza also promotes communication and language. Smaller hidden spaces provide the perfect den for our emergent writers and future architects to work from as they plan their next construction.

Discovery Room

An area of adventure and imagination!

We recognise that children are active learners from birth and learn best when they are free to discover for themselves. The Discovery Room provides an opportunity for children to explore and investigate, to make new discoveries of the world around them and to reflect on how things work and why things happen.

The Discovery room is an ideal space for all of our future scientists and mathematicians.  Its large indoor beach allows children to pour, fill, mix, contain, and transport as they work things out.  The children also develop the life skills of cooperation, negotiation and satisfaction, and of course it’s good to feel the sand between your toes! 

The Snug

The Snug is a special place within the nursery.  It is a space which enables and positively encourages our younger children to access all of the resources across the wider nursery without feeling overwhelmed.  It’s a space that feels more enclosed and secure as children develop their ever increasing independence. With resources such as clays and dough, sand and water, mirrors and lights, the Snug is simply the best place to stop a while and take the world in. 

The Studio

Although all of the areas within the nursery encourage children to be creative and imaginative, this area has a range of equipment and plenty of space to really let the imagination fly!

There is plenty of space for painting, sticking, cutting out and creating, with all finished products then displayed on the walls around the nursery or given pride of place at home.

The studio enables children to experiment and investigate with everything from paint and collage to natural and recycled materials. The Studio means the children can be truly inspired by the work of recognised artists in creating their own masterpieces.

Our Garden

At Atelier Nursery, the outdoor learning environment is as important as the rooms indoors and we encourage children to spend as much time outside as they wish.  The garden is viewed as a ‘classroom without walls’,  where children can discover and explore.  The garden offers the opportunity for children to plant, grow and harvest their own vegetables, to dance, re-enact their favourite play on the stage, become skillful communicators in our story hut or take a moment to reflect and think in the wigloo or whilst swinging in the tree.

Of course on the lower garden there is plenty of space for the bikes and ride-ons that help to develop children’s physical development.  Children are also given the opportunity to sleep outdoors in our unique garden bedroom, where the sound of rustling bamboo and babbling water ease children off to sleep.