This week

Our Spontaneous Learning

Monday 10 September 2018

In addition to all of the planned learning opportunities provided through the provocations and the daily experiences such as the sand, water and paint, we also jump at the chance of some spontaneous learning.

This month we have loved the fact that the fruits are in abundance and have collected those that we've grown in our gardens both at nursery and at home to support the children's learning.  Jam making, fruit flapjack baking and smoothie making have offered both the opportunity for great fun and also supported the children in understanding the process of growing and healthy choices.

There have of course been numerous outings to collect fruit and vegetables, to watch the trains from Sydney Gardens, fun at the park and special story times at the library and a trip to the outdoor cinema to name just a few of the extra learning opportunities presented to the children each week.
I'm sure you will agree that some of the best and richest learning is spontaneous, so if you hear about anything happening, have some spare fruit or vegetables we can cook, or simply have an idea of something we could try please let us know.  We love to try new things and will always strive to ensure that the children have the best opportunities.

Rhea has been focusing on the movement of our bodies through clay. The babies and younger children have been making marks on different surfaces such as the mirrors, Perspex sheets and even each other! There has also been a strong focus on working on the transformation of spaces and working on different planes for example vertical and horizontal.  Have you seen our mop pendulum painting in the willow tree.
The children have been linking their understanding of movement and mark making by hanging pens from the trees and observing how the marks change.  This was further extended by using charcoal in the hand drills which supported so many aspects of the children's enquiries.